Pictures of Eileen

These are pictures of me, the author of "X-PUNK: No More Heroes". I used to have the front pic up a while ago, but my misogynistic and rather anal boyfriend (now EX for the benefit of his life) had me remove it. he is alos the reason why X-PUNK stayed on hiatus for so long. The moment I began to write he became an obstacle that no writer should have to deal with. I had plowed through the first 2 chapters when I first began the story (no editting, the story was just flowing from my finger tips) when he came into the room and began to incessantly whine about how he couldn't sleep without me. Never mind he had been sleeping for about 4 hours on his own.

This kept happening. He even once flat out told me he didn't want me to write. He'd badger me, whine, and interrupt with "Are you done yet? Star Trek Voygaer is coming on!" until finally I'd lose the train of thought. This was originally suppose to be a short story, but whatever the original idea I had for it is gone.

Those of you that write out there are probably wondering why he isn't dead for his crimes. Admittedly, I'd lie awake in bed and wait for him to die. This is a warning sign that the relationship isn't working. Of course, in the end, he still wanted me to stay. There's a difference between Love and Stubborness. And he continually blurs the 2 together.

Now I have my pics back up. Ahhh freedom.

Below is me chewing the nipple off my friend Irish. In the background to the left is Jaymz, her husband. Jaymz writes an OUTRAGEOUS comic called "FLEM" Check it out! And buy stuff from there - they have a baby on the way!

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More pictures of me:
Flem!: A blatant plug. if i like, it can't be bad. And I like anything that will make my boyfriend snarf.
Swallow the Barrel.: back to the front